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  1. Comparitive Study of Lipoprotein (A) livein in Association with coronary artery disease and non CAD patients.
Date of Publication: 20.08.2016
Journal name: IOSR – JDMS
(Iusr Journal of Dental and Prediocol science)
Dr. S. Akila., MD, Assistant Professor , Department of General Medicine
  1. A Study of Hematological Manifestations in Tuberculosis.
Dated : July 2016
Journal name: IOSR JDMS
Author: Dr. S. Sivakumar., MD., Associate Professor of General Medicine
 Dr.N. Kirubanand., MD., Assistant Professor of General Medicine
  1. Obstetrics Cholestasis in Pregnancy
“papripex” September 2017 – October 2017
Authors- Dr. S. V.R. Thenmozhi ., Assistant Professor of OBG
Department of OBG
  1. A Doppler study in IUGR Evaluation
PARIPEX, September 2017 – October 2017
2nd Author – Dr. S.V.R.  Thenmozhi, Assistant Professor of OBG
  1. How accurate is the pulse oximetry reading in an Intensive care setup?
INT J Pharma Bio Science 2015, Oct;6(4):B1069-1076
Author – Dr.R. Srivatsan ( BioChemistry)
  1. Hepatic and Renal Biochemical Markers and predictor of mortality among critically ill systemic inflammatory respond syndrome patients
Ind J clin Biochem(2018)
I Author – Dr.R. Srivatsan (Biochemistry)
  1. A study of heart Rate variability and Mean Platelet volume in Hypertensive individuals
“Biomedicine” – Volume -38 January – March 2018
Dr. G. Deepa (physiology)
  1. Ectopic Pregnancy patients and their Riskfactors – A cross sectional study
“ International Journal of Medical Science and innovative Research”
Dr. S.V.R. Thenmozhi, November 2017 – December 2017
  1. Red blood cell Morphology as a marks of oxidative stress in Type II  Diabetes and efficacy of antioxidants as an add on Therapy to standard treatment – Randomized open label comparative pilot study
“ International Journal of Institutional Pharmacy  and life sciences” January 2017 – February 2017
Dr. Rohini Ann Mathew
  1. A cost Analysis of different brands of Anticonvulsant drugs available in India
“ Indian journal of public health research and development  - Accepted
Dr. A. Anandhalakshmi
  1. Evaluation of Hypoglycemic  activity of Benazepril in Rodent Modules.
“Advances in pharmacological sciences”
Dr. A. Anandha lakshmi
  1. ECG Changes in obese Indiviuals
Dr. Kanmani Karthikeyan (Associate professor of physiology)
Dr. T. B. Umadevi
Dr. Gajapriya
JMSR C Journal of Medical Sciences and Clinical Research JANUARY 2017
  1. PULMONARY Function test in middle aged OBESE individuals
Dr. Kanmani Karthikeyan,,
Dr. Gajapriya
JMSR- Journal of Medical Sciences and Clinical Research
February 2018
International journal of current microbiology and applied sciences (2017) pp. .993 – 1001 Dr. K. Kavitha  , Dr. Vikram Balaji ., Volume – 6 (9)
  1. Phenotypic and molecular detection of mannose resistant haemagglutination in Escherichia coli isolates from antenatal women with aysymptomatic bacteriuria.  Indian J microbial. Reas 2017;4(2): 199-202 Dr. P. Prabha, Dr. Radhika Katragadda
  2. Virulence factors associated with organisms causing asymptomatic bacteriuria in pregnant females attending a tertiary care hospital. International journal of bioassays; 6.05(2017): 5373-5378
Dr. Prabha, Dr. Radhika Katragadda.
17. A prospective observational study of neuroimaging in Eclampsia patients in a tertiary care institution Dr.Rajeswari MD OG, Dr. R. Mythra Bhavani MS OG, IMSCR vol 06 Issue 02 page 818-23


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