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                                              The Department of Paediatrics caters to paediatric population   of Tiruvannamalai and surrounding districts. We render multi dimensional care including promotive, preventive, curative and critical care for neonates and children.
                         In addition to regular Outpatient, In Patient and Emergency services, initially we started with three special clinics – Well baby clinic, Child development clinic and Immunization clinic weekly once. At present in addition we have started  more special clinics – Adolescent clinic, and routine Immunization clinic  and birth dose of BCG, OPV, and Hepatitis B within 24 hours for all babies delivered in our institution.We are also treating patients under chief minister’s comprehensive health insurance scheme.
                          Apart from this we are conducting clinical teaching sessions and evaluation for MBBS students, various training programmes for health professionals (CEMONC and IMNCI).
                        Untiring efforts of our team will continue towards healthier and brighter future citizens.
Our mission continues ……
PROFESSOR                                   1
ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                 1
ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                 2
SENIOR RESIDENT                         3
JUNIOR RESIDENT                         4

No of units: 2 (Paediatric ward)
Paediatric Intensive care ward
Neonatal Intensive care unit - which treats both newborns delivered in our institution (Intramural cases) and those delivered in other institution and referred (Extramural cases).
OP Dates and  Timings:   All days:  07:30 – 12 noon
I UNIT: Admission days on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Alternate Sundays.
II UNIT: Admission day’s on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturdays & Alternate Sundays. 

Case presentation, symposium and  OSCE (on all working days) Monday to saturday
OPD (Case presentation) - 8.00 a.m. - 10.00 a.m.
Ward Classes 10.00a.m. - 12.00 p.m.



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