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The Department of Forensic Medicine became fully functional from its inception

Assistant Professor:1
It has one class room, one demonstration room, a good library and an informative museum.
A number of activities are being carried out in this department:
          1. Academic activities
           2. Medico-legal work
           3. Expert Forensic work
1. Academic activities -
             As per the Medical Council of India (MCI), Forensic Medicine is one of the subjects for the 2nd MBBS students and hence theory and practical sessions are taken according to a regular teaching schedule.
2. Medico-legal work - 
             Medico-legal autopsy. The number of post-mortems is on the rise, 
3. Expert Forensic work –
             Expert opinion is offered to the judiciary in difficult Medicolegal cases from the districts of Tiruvannamalai 
            Exhumation and spot post-mortem are conducted when needed.


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