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Department of Biochemistry
             MBBS Undergraduate students are attending the class in the Biochemistry Department from 26.08.2013.  
            The classes for U.G. Students are taken in the Central Lecture Hall utilizing the Audio-Visual aids like Laptop, LCD Projector, Microphone & Speaker.
            The Biochemistry Department Practical Lab Equipment with following instruments.
I.                    Students Practical Lab:
1.      Boiling Water bath
2.      Microscope (Mono-Ocular)
3.      Stirror
4.      Urinometer
5.      Stopwatch
6.      Sprit Lamp
II.                Research Lab
1.      Spectrophotometer
2.      Electronic Weigh Balance (Range 0.001 mg – 200mg)
3.      Vortex Mixer
4.      Dessicators (Large size)
5.      Dessicator (Small Size)
6.      Microscope (Binocular)
7.      Ultra Violet Lamp
8.      Themometer (0 to 110 )
9.      Thermometer (0 to 250)
10.  Ryles tubes
11.  Cork Borer set
12.  Constant temperature water bath
Department Library Details:
Sl.No               Department Name                 No.of Books                   Year
1.                     Dept. of Biochemistry             80 Books                   2013-2014
Details about teaching staffs & Non- Teaching staffs:
Teaching staffs                                                        
Professor                    1                                                       
Associate Professor      1                                                 
Assistant Professor       1                                                   
Tutors                         3                                                   
Non Teaching Staff
Lab Technincian                                                        
Academic Information
v  Academic Time table
·         No.  of Theory Classes per week – 3 Classes
·         No. of Practical Sessions per week
The students are dividend into 2 Batches – A & B
‘A’ Batch students come twice a week
‘B’ Batch students come twice a week
v  In a Month Every 1st and 3rd Mondays and 1st and 3rd Saturdays group discussion & Tutorials are conducted for 1st Year MBBS Students
v  Till  date 5 Internal Assessment tests and 1 Model Exam have been conducted for the students, followed by VIVA.  Also,  So far 13 written tests have conducted for the students.
Other Academic Activites:
Category                                             Topic                                       Conducted on
1.      Symposium                       Plasma Proteins 4                               October -2017
2.      CME                                  Cell & Sub Cellurlar organcells             January -2018


Horizontal Integration:

on 27 March 2017 a horizontal integration programme was conducted on the topic liver along with department of Physiology and Anatomy

on 18 November 2017 a horizontal integration programme was conducted on the topic thyroid along with department of Physiology and Anatomy

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