::Departments : Non-Clinical : Anatomy
                      The department is having excellent infrastructure run by excellent staff members
Professor                     – 1

Associate Professor          1
Assistant professors         1
Tutors                          – 3
Laboratory technician – 1
We conduct lecture and practical classes daily . Tutorials and seminars are conducted once in a week .
Horizontal integrated teaching has conducted once in every month.
1.    Well equipped dissection hall accommodating 100 students.
2.    Histology laboratory with self illuminating microscope for 60 students.
3.    Museum with illustrative speciments, charts and models.
4.    Two demonstration hall each accommodating 50 students with audiovisual aid
5.    Cold storage room with the capacity for accommodating 8 cadavers.
6.    Histology preparation room with sledge and rotatory microtome, paraffin bath, incubator for slide preparation.
7.    Department library with 100 books.
8.    Well equipped Research laboratory.

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